Signed Fender Wilko Johnson Telecaster: PMT Exclusive!


Last month Fender announced the exciting news of the release of the Wilko Johnson signature Telecaster. Considering Wilko's legendary status (Acts include Dr. Feel Good, The Blockheads and of course the Wilko Johnson Band)  it's no surprise that the limited stock we had sold out. Wilko Johnson is known for his unique style of guitar playing - many describe it as 'choppy', combining a lot of rhythm-style finger work with virtuosic lead sections too.

Wilko Johnson Visits PMT Southend

Wilko dropped in to our Southend store personally to sign the Fender teles, pictured here with PMT MD Terry Hope. We'd like to say a big thanks to Wilko for coming down and checking out the store!


Wilko has also been in the news recently, described as a genius by Elton John at the GQ awards. Originally intended to present an award to Elton John, the award was passed back to Wilko as Elton John was so inspired with his enthusiasm coping with a terminal illness. Wilko was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas earlier this year and after deciding not to undergo chemotherapy, he has carried on to appear frequently in public, on stage and even on fantasy TV series Game Of Thrones playing executioner Ilyn Payne.