Novation Launch Control Announced!


Novation are expanding their range of innovative led illuminated controllers with the addition of the brand new Launch Control. We've already see the launch of the Launchkey Mini this week; combined with the Launchpad S and the rest of the Launchkey range Novation have all aspects of musical performance and production control covered.


I already have a Launchpad, why do I need a Launchcontrol too?


The Launch Control works two-fold: Firstly it's a stand alone MIDI controller. Like the rest of the Launch range it's got a sturdy build with signature back-lit let buttons corresponding to different functions of your DAW. On this particular model you can find 16 rotary controls and 8 pads making it ideal for when space is tight or if you need to be packing light on the road (it's even bus powered when using with an iPad).



For many though this will be an exciting extension of the Launchpad and it opens new performance capabilities. Although the Launchpad can control preety much everything on your DAW this will give even more control to your fingertips. As you can see from the images the MIDI controller it's the same width as the Launchpad, you won't even realise it's a separate controller!


Watch The Official Launch Control YouTube Video:



Rumor is there maybe more Launchpad related news to follow... Keep your eyes on the PMT Blog, Twitter and Facebook to keep in the loop! The Novation Launch Control is £79.99 pre-order here. The Launch Control is due this September.