KRK Launch 3rd Generation Rokit Studio Monitors!


Today sees an exciting announcement from the team at Focusrite and KRK - Launching the brand new KRK Rokit G3 monitor series with a whole host of new features and design modifications.


Building on the success of the G1 and G2 Models of the Rokit-Powered range, KRK have fine-tuned a winning format to get the most from their near-field monitors at a very affordable price point. Brand new, Bi-Amped Class A/B Amplifiers help deliver a full, balanced sound with low distortion, whilst a new low-resonance enclosure also minimises colourisation and distortion for a more reliable mix.


For the top end, they have employed a new 1" soft-dome tweeter to provide even more detail and clarity up to 35kHz, an almost-unheard-of specification for monitors at this end of the market. The RP5, RP6 and RP8s all feature a new high-frequency EQ adjustment on the rear panel, allowing you to tailor your response to personal taste and room size.

On the low end, a lightweight, glass-Aramid composite woofer helps deliver a punchy mid-range and tight bass response, whilst a new front-firing bass port extends low frequencies nicely and reduces unwanted resonance. Again, EQ contours are provided for bass-lovers on the back to boost or cut the response to cater to smaller or larger studio rooms.


All 3 models feature versatile audio connections on the rear, offering XLR, 6.3mm Jack and RCA Line inputs unlike other monitors around a similar price. Literally connect any audio device, interface or computer with ease in any studio environment.


Technical shenanigans aside, the G3s look the part and I'm a big fan of the new radiused edges and front port design (which also help reduce diffraction). The RP5 G3 and RP6 G3 will be available in a Limited Edition Gloss White finish too for the more chic and stylish studio owners among you!


We're always excited whenever KRK add to their impressive line-up, our phone lines go crazy and you'll usually find a circle of PMT Staff huddled in a high-tech showroom giving them a thorough evaluation! All 3 of the range, RP5, RP6 and RP8s will be available for Reserve and Collect, Mail order and In-Store purchase from Friday 30th August, give your local store a call for more details!