PMT House of Drums are 'Pure At Heart' with Natal Drums


PMT are excited to introduce the all new Natal PURE STAVE snare drum!


The boyz with the toys have done it again! PMT House of Drums are pleased to introduce the all new Natal Pure Stave snare drum series. Hand built in the heart of the UK and using some of the finest drum making woods around, the Pure Stave snare drum will make any drummer weak at the knees!





These snares feature a solid conga shell made famous by Natal over 65 years ago and are available in a choice of Ash, Maple and Walnut.



Natal Pure Stave snares are then finished with 100% natural bees wax which allows for the true wood grain to show through in all it's pure heavenly glory. Pure-Stave snare drums are fitted with Natal's hand polished double ‘Sun’ lugs, Tru-Tune tension rods and the custom designed Tri-Throw snare mechanism. They also feature 2.3mm triple flange chrome hoops and a die-cast Natal logo badge.




"For the drummer out there who's been looking for that 'pure' sound this snare is the perfect partner."


Natal Pure Stave snares are now available at your local PMT House of Drums or online through PMT Online.




Natal Drums have been featured at some of the biggest festivals over the summer including Download and Bloodstock!


Check out our House of Drums Birmingham manager Damon playing a Natal Ash series kit with his band Bovine at this years Download festival.