Gibson Southpaw Tour: A day of left handed Gibson Guitars!


The Gibson Southpaw Tour is coming to PMT Birmingham and PMT Manchester this August, aimed at giving left handed guitarists the largest selection in left handed guitars ever available under one roof. Statistically, 90% of us are right handed so if your feel left-handed guitarists have not been receiving enough attention, this should change your opinion! Let's not forget some of the most legendary guitarists and artists are left-handed; if you fancy yourself as an Albert King, Paul Mccartney or Tommi Iommi get down to Manchester on the 6th August or Birmingham on the 7th August.


PMT Featured Left-handed Gibson: Gibson LPJ Left Handed Electric Guitar in Low Gloss Chocolate


If you've been after an authentic Gibson designed and manufacturerd in USA at the fraction of the price, the LPJ is a perfect example of how you can still get the quality and legendary brand logo on the top of your headstock for the right of £600. Gibson have got the price down on the LPJ by using a low-gloss finish, (compared with their nitrocellulose lacquer finished premium models), yet we've seen from the popular Satin-Finished Les Paul Traditional models that this finish is not one to be sneered at. The low gloss finish on the LPJs works particularly well to bring out the mahogany body grain, the reality is its an appealing alternative compared with the ultra-glossy guitars we see so much of. It's also equipped with 490R and 490T humbucker pickups similar to those used on Les Paul Standard guitars of the '90s, however this time with black covers complementing the worn aesthetic of the wood grain. The LPJ Left Handed in Low Gloss Chocolate is currently £559.

If you've seen a guitar online or in store which is in a right-handed model but not left-handed, give us a call or have a chat with our guitar experts and we can see if it is available for special order. Don't forget at the Southpaw Tour there will be plenty of Les Pauls, SGs, acoustics, and semi-hollow electric guitars available both to purchase and try out.


We'll leave you with this video of Elliot Easton, lefty lead guitarist of The Cars, discussing of his experience of growing up as a left-handed guitar player....