The Legend Goes Digital: Shure Release New Digital Wireless Systems


The wireless digital switchover has been in effect since last summer. If you use wireless microphones or IEM (in ear monitoring) systems that use radio technology you maybe asking a few questions on how you have been affected:


What frequency bands are affected by the switchover? Channels 31-37 and channels 61-69. Channel 38 (606-64 Mhz) is the replacement for channel 69. What about channel 70? Is it still a free frequency band? You can still use this frequency band however new 4G network services may cause interference. Do I need a license? If you are using channel 38 for instance, you do – visit for more information and to apply for a license. Will I have to replace my wireless microphone or iem system? If it is non compliant and you are unable to re-tune it, you will do (for wireless microphones channels 21-30 / 61-69).


The Legend Goes Digital! New Digital Wireless Microphone Technology from Shure, Including the iconic SM58...


With fewer radio frequencies available, brands such as Shure have been keen to develop new digital wireless microphone technology. The wireless microphones work on WiFi frequencies (2.4 GHz) meaning they're unaffected by the wireless switchover of last year. The mics also have the benefit of avoiding interference from other transmissions such as phone towers and with a less compression compared with its analog counterpart. More importantly you can save money with these new wireless systems as you have the benefit of great sound quality with out the need for a license.


Combined with this new wireless system is the new GLXD4 single channel wireless receiver. The new receiver is equipped with Shure's new Linkfreq management system which will select the optimum frequency for your setup, avoiding interference. As well as providing excellent sound quality, the high-res screen display shows a real-time battery status, which can last up to 16 hours from one single charge. The new digital technology means up to 8 compatible systems can work at once in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The GLXD2 transmitter automatically links the SM58 to the unit with up to 60m range (line of sight). Conveniently, you can even charge Shure GLXD24UK / SM58 Digital Wireless Vocal Mic System transmitter battery via USB!


I'm sure (no pun intended) all musicians, performers and sound technicians will be excited to see this iconic microphone now available in a digital wireless package. The industry-standard microphone is known so well as one that delivers warmth, yet clarity in a robust, tour-ready mic. It's not only the legendary sm58 which is now available in this digital licence-free package. Other Shure microphones such as the Beta 58A have also been combined with the GLXD4 Receiver.


Shure have also updated their analog wireless system range, keeping in line with current UK radio laws. For an insight into what their new product range has to offer (both analog and digital), including the addition of new presenter and instrument packages, check out the official product video below:




We've just received stock of the brand new Shure analog and digital wireless microphone packages. If you need any further information on the right wireless instrument or mic system for you visit your local PMT or give us a call on 0121 359 8124.