Yamaha Reality Check – Win a Pair of HS7 Active Studio Monitor Speakers!


Yamaha studio monitor speakers are known for detail; engineers and producers rely on their accurate sound reproduction to pin-point exact frequencies in the mix. The Yamaha HS80 and HS50 have recently been updated in their new and improved models HS5 and HS8. Yamaha have taken influence from all musical departments in the new range: The tweeter now has an extended high frequency response thanks to research from the hi-fi department and the cabinet has even taken a few tips from their piano department with an improved build.

Also added to the range is the HS7, a new monitor speaker which gives the 'best of both' from the HS5 and HS8 – speaker has a 6.5” woofer which has a deeper frequency response compared with it's 5” counterpart yet doesn't take up as much room in the studio as it's bigger brother.




Yamaha's new HS range, including the new HS8S subwoofer are on demo at all PMT stores. Although you'll already be wanting to get down and have a listen already, now there's even more reason to try them out. From August 1st to September 30th PMT are giving you the chance to win a Pair of HS7 studio monitors, a pair of Ultimate monitor speaker stands and a set of high quality Black Rat XLR cables to connect to your audio interface or mixing desk.


To win, bring your favourite music to your nearest PMT store and test out any speaker in the HS range, fill in the form below and you could be in with a chance of winning this professional studio package! Take the Yamaha Reality Check!