Cashback on HT1 and HT5 Blackstar Amps


This summer, Blackstar are offering up to £20 cashback on HT-1 and HT-5 amplifiers! The HT-1 squeezes all the innovative features of the HT-5 into an ideal compact combo, including award winning valve sound quality and Blackstar's ISF – where users can dramatically shape the sound via one control only (as opposed to multiple controls via eq, gain and other parameters). Blackstar's technology on these amps is aimed to achieve 'the sound in your head' – not only are these controls quick to access and change, you can also find it easy going from classic British tones to USA style distortions.

Blackstar ISF Tone Control Explained:



The Blackstar HT-5 range has unique push-pull power amp controls, seperate clean channel tone parameters, 12” speaker, MP3 / iPod/ line iput and a stereo reverb control perfect for use at home or in the studio. Again the reverb is controlled simply from one pot only – turn the control clockwise for a longer tail / larger space or fully anti-clockwise for a dry signal. It's these controls that make Blackstar amplifier's so easy to use when trying to get 'that sound' you're looking for and will save valuable time in changing setting in between different tracks for your set, or at a band practice.

Blackstar Cashback Scheme Qualifying Amplifiers:




You can claim cash back on your Blackstar amp from now up until the 31st August. For full terms and conditions and to download your cashback claim form please visit the official blackstar website.