AKG C1000S: Small Diaphragm, Big Potential, Even Biger Deal!


The AKG C1000s is a microphone any sound engineer or producer should have at the ready, evolved over time to be used for a multitude applications. Whilst being popular in the studio, the brass and aluminum construction of the body means the mic has a rock-solid construction built for live use too. The microphone is not purely limited to music either – when phantom power is not available an internal 9v battery can be used to power it when filming or recording on location. The wide frequency response (50 Hz – 20 kHz) and switchable pickup pattern (cardioid, supercardioid changeable by included PPC1000 polar pattern converter included) making it even more versatile.



AKG C1000S Applications:

Acoustic Guitar: Place near the tone hole and from the extended frequency response you will pick-up both a well-rounded bottom end and crisp highs from the metallic timbre of the strings. When using the C1000S when recording our micing an acoustic in a live application, we'd recommend switching the microphone to a super-cardioid pickup pattern to minimise feedback and leakage from surrounding instruments.


Amplifiers: Even without a pad, The C1000s can withstand a high SPL with levels up to 137 dB. This means micing products which produce a loud sound can be captured with out distortion such as guitar amplifiers. This works well for brass and woodwind too, where the mic can be placed pretty much inside the bell of the saxophone, trumpet etc.


Drums & Percussion: The extended high end of the microphone really shines when picking up cymbal sizzles, brush hits and all kinds of metallic timbres in percussion. Again the high SPL means drums such as snares and toms can be close-miked too.


Overheads for groups and choirs: String sections can be recorded with warm sounding results and a fantastic stereo image when pointing the mics slightly off axis to the top of the violins.


Even before it's £79 price point, the AKG C1000s is known to PMT staff and customers as an exeptional value all round mic. With a lot of low cost microphones out there, why not pick an industry-standard from a great brand which could potentially feature in all of your recordings? The AKG C1000S MKIII is only at £79 while stocks last!