Line 6 Sonic Port: Supersonic iOS jamming!


Line 6's latest addition to their mobile range is described as 'best-in-class' audio quality for use with your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. The minature-toblerone shaped box boasts unrivaled sound quality from an iOS device for use with Garageband, Line 6 Mobile POD, jammit and many other audio compatible apps.

Signature Guitar Tones From Your Idols

The available apps for the interface cover everything you would want to do with your guitar from recording to performing. Firstly the Mobile POD app (which is free by the way) has over 10,000 accessible settings modeled on classic guitar timbres and signature sounds. Line 6 have put these together in collaboration with other artists and experts yet you can also manually edit the signal path too: A combination of 32 amplifiers, 16 effects pedals and 16 cabinets can all be combined to make a signature sound of your own.

Record and play along

The iOS interface is also compatible with the Jammit app. If you haven't already seen Jammit, it's a great way to both learn new music, play along with your favourite tracks and record too. After downloading your favourite tracks, you can adjust individual part volumes so you can learn, or mute the guitar part and make it your own! Sections can be looped so you can jam along until you've finally mastered that lick, even with a music score view and album art-work display too.

Leave the pedalboard at home

Line 6 are keen to aim this not just at the home user, but have developed a product which has significantly better quality than a lot of cheaper models already available suitable for the touring musician. Line 6 have added not just a 3.5mm headphone output but a 6.3mm (1/4”) jack output so you can connect your bass or guitar straight into your backline. Between tracks and sets you'll be able to recall all your settings for your set list at the touch of a button (...or screen) without stamping on a box in frustration!

The Line 6 Sonic Port is now in stock. Order yours online or visit your local PMT store for a look yourself!