Boss TU1000 Tuner New Lower Price


Stay in tune this summer with the Boss TU1000! The top of the line tuner is made especially for those who need a crystal clear display, suitable any mainstage festival performance or any smoked-out nightclub. The width of the tuner display is approximately as wide as 4 standard Boss TU-3 pedals – with such a wide display the LEDs mean you can easily pinpoint tuning anomalies with accuracy. The tuner pedal is equipped with different presets including chromatic, guitar and bass. The user is not limited to the standard guitar tuning but also drop tuning settings up to 6 semitones below can also be programmed.

Boss' TU1000 is One of the most clearest tuning pedals out there today, you can check out the official demonstration video below. The video goes through it's different display modes and how to setup alternative tuning preferences too: