MXR M69 Prime Distortion Demo Video


The highly anticipated release of the MXR M69 prime distortion is now here! The M69 is a vintage style hard-clipping distortion pedal. Imagine a hot-rodded, supercharged Japanese Boss DS-1 - it's capable of high gain distortions, natural, mild over tones and more naisely mid-range sounds.

The distortion pedal has classic and self-explanatory controls: Output, tone and distortion – When you are rolling off the tone and distortion controls for more subtle overdrive sounds the pedal's tone instantly cleans up; the all-analog fx unit still performs at lower distortion levels thanks to the low-noise circuitry. Don't be fooled though, when cranking up the controls, it packs a punch needed for any high-gain solo or riff. Staying true to the MXR brand, the pedal is completed with a heavy duty metal housing, with a pin-stripe graphic you'd expect to see on an American modded car from the '50s.


Check out the PMTV video featuring one of Westside distribution's secret weapons on guitar...




The MXR M69 Prime distortion is now in stock, and at only £59 it's definitely worth checking out at one of our many PMT stores across the UK. Locate your local store here! Don't forget we're also winning a competition to win a year's supply of Dunlop picks. The competition ends next week so hurry! Click here for more info!