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The Focusrite Midnight Plugin Suite has taken direct influence from some of their most prestigious studio gear, in particular the ISA130 compressor and ISA110 EQ. Originally made for the Forte studio console in the early '80s, Focusrite have managed to capture the essence of their high standards of audio quality and control into two virtual effects; the Midnight EQ and Midnight compressor.

Aesthetically the two plugins have the style and looks of high-end studio equipment. Although the Midnight plugin package comes in at the affordable price of £79 the ethos remains the same for its DSP where Focusrite have meticulously emulated original analogue circuitry. Through using the software on all stages of the production process, users can expect control and clarity with a clearly laid out interface.



The Midnight EQ is a 4 band parametric EQ combining peaking, shelving, a low pass filter and a high pass filter. The high EQ band provides control of up to 15kHz, tailored for bringing vocals to the forefront of the mix. The low-mid and high-mid bands have adjustable bandwidths able to pin-point frequencies, altogether giving everything you need to boost and cut specific parts of your audio. The Midnight Compressor again emulates classic high-end Focusrite studio gear. The compression ratio ranges from 1.5 to infinity, and whilst controlling attack and release users can go from subtle gain reduction for ironing out minor volume inconstancies to dramatically shaping the sound. The plugins are compatible with most DAWs (any which use VST, AU and RTAS platforms).

PMT are offering this professional virtual effects package for FREE when purchasing a Focusrite audio interface on any in-store purchase. This offer is only available while stock lasts!


There hasn't been a better time to buy a Focusrite interface, with the launch of the brand new 18i8 (18 in, 8 out) audio interface. The new soundcard diversifies the Scarlett range of USB interfaces, each of which offers exceptional quality inputs and outputs for different recording requirements. With four Focusrite mic pre-amps, the Scarlett 18i8 is designed for producers, bands and artists who require the ability to record a multiple sound sources at the same time including both microphones and instruments, with options to expand the interface too. The offer also includes the new 6i6, the Saffire range and the Focusrite Forte, which is now available at the new lower price of £339.99 (£60 off!).

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