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With a wealth of technology out there we find many of our customers asking us 'how do I record my guitar?' There's no definitively right or wrong way of how you should be capturing your music and with so many options, Roland and PMT thought it was about time give you a personalised solution. So whether you have a large studio space to record a live band or if you would like a portable multi-track recorder with out the need for a computer we'll have the right gear for you.


If you visit your nearest PMT Roland Planet between Saturday 11th – Saturday 18th May and speak to one of our Roland Planet Gurus they will be able to create a personalised package with everything to record what you need, whatever your skill level of guitar playing and experience with music production. Book your free Recording Guitar Made Easy session via the Roland website here.



Here's our selection of featured Roland Planet products to help you record your guitar for all kinds of musical backgrounds...


Roland CD-2U CD Recorder with Built in Microphone & Speakers: £519


One of the most portable offerings to come from Roland is the CD-2U - made for those who want to record their guitar for without the need of a computer or laptop. For those new to recording the stereo microphone means you don't have to mess around with any leads which also creates an accurate stereo image perfect for acoustic instruments or ensembles too. The CD-2U can be battery operated, can burn CDs and even has built in speakers whilst on the go, with options to plug in 2 mics (or guitars) when set up at home.




Roland UA-55 Quad Capture USB Audio Interface: £189


24 bit / 192 kHz sound quality with 2 VS preamps ensure this affordable audio interface still has the high quality you would expect from a Roland product. The soundcard is equipped with Roland's auto-sens function; one click and you will have set the optimal gain settings for making music. If you haven't already got the latest production software also bundled is Cakewalk Sonar X1 LE meaning you have everything to start recording with your computer out of the box.



Cakewalk V-Studio 700 Complete Studio Package: £3399


Cakewalk & Roland's V-studio range provides flawless integration between all production elements: Software control, audio I/O, sequencing, mixing and mastering. Included in the flagship V-Studio 700 package is the VS-700C V-Studio Console – control surface for editing and mixing, VS-700R interface with integrated Roland Fantom VS hardware synthesizer and a full version of Rapture Virtual Instrument software and Sonar 8 Producer DAW software.



For more information, Speak to our Roland Planet Gurus directly:


Brian Hillstead - 0121 359 5056

Dan Taman - 0113 242 6601


Ross Guyatt - 01179 349955


Find your nearest Roland Planet here.

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