PMT Cambridge: More than just a guitar shop!


Our customers know us to be an award winning guitar shop and although that's what we pride ourselves on let's not forget what PMT stands for – Professional Music Technology. As well as an array of guitars, from Fender Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls we're the largest Roland, Korg and Yamaha retailer in the UK so expect the latest pianos, synths and studio gear all on display to try before you buy. If you're a singer songwriter looking to record your tracks in pristine quality try out our audio interfaces or maybe you're a producer looking for a MIDI keyboard to sequence your compositions? Whatever you need, we're looking to turn PMT Cambridge into a hub for all of your music tech needs. Aside from the usual guitars and basses, here's what else you can expect to find at PMT Cambridge.


Pianos, Synths and Workstation Keyboards:

In the age of soft-synths and plugins, surprisingly hardware synthesizers have had a revival as of late. Manufacturers have came through with innovative synthesizers; some with real yet affordable analog sounds such as the Korg Monotron, and some which double up as studio controllers such as the Novation Ultranova. If you're looking for an authentic 80s lead sound or an analog bass for the low-end of your productions, look no further. We've also installed a wide range of home and stage pianos perfect for recreating that 70s Rhodes or blues organ sound when playing out and about.



Featured PMT Cambridge Keyboard – Roland RD300NX Stage Piano, with 88 Weighted keys and SuperNATURAL sound engine: £1249. Click here for more info.


Home and Studio Recording:

One of the most exciting parts for musicians is capturing your hit record and it's important as producer that you have quality at each step of the recording process. Speak to our hi-tech sales experts for them to recommend a condenser microphone for your vocals and some active monitor speakers to get your mixdown crystal clear. We also sell industry-standard music production software suites including ableton and Steinberg Cubase which will be on-demo with technical after-sales support on hand.


Featured PMT Cambridge Studio Gear – Yamaha HS80 active near-field monitor speakers. Flat response studio speakers with 8" woofer for extended bass response: £226. Click here for more info.


PA & Live Sound Systems:

You can't beat the atmosphere of a live gig, well unless you visit PMT Cambridge to get your PA system! Weather you're a venue owner yourself or a drummer using vital monitoring equipment, it's important you make the right choice to get the right sound system for your venue or band. There's no better way to make your choice than to hear the PA cabs and subwoofers in the flesh. Our new cambridge store will be stocking entry level PA setups for small bands and mobile DJs along side professional high wattage speakers suitable for larger venues.



Featured PMT Cambridge PA Speaker - RCF 712A Active PA Speaker: £499 each. 750 Watts RMS & 129 dB max SPL speaker cabinet, with outstanding sound quality and 3 year warranty. Click here for more info.


We're looking forward to making our new store the hub of music technology. Introduce your band, productions or whatever musical talent you have to the guys at PMT Cambridge on twitter @PMTCambridge and Facebook. PMT Cambridge opens Saturday 27th April!

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