Novation Bass Station II: PMTV Video Exclusive


PMT went backstage at Frankfurt musikmesse 2013 to get an exclusive first look at the new Novation Bass station II synthesizer. Back in the early 90’s the sound of the original Bass station dominated the dance music scene, with producers utilizing its unique sounds in all forms of electronic based music. Back to 2013 and the legend has returned, its been carefully reincarnated with the guys at Novation ensuring it features all the original Bass Station sounds we know and love, but in addition we get a whole new bunch of new features, which in our opinion makes this the synth to have in 2013.


In our exclusive first look we hook up with Chris from Novation UK who takes us through the product and lets us hear the Bass Station II sounds for the very first time.



You can pre-order the Novation Bass Station II Here.

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