MusikMesse 2013: Introducing the Boss RC-505 Loop Station


Among industry leader Roland's new products has seen the launch of the new Boss RC-505 Loop Station, a hand-operated Loop Station that fits right into a busy DJ booth, studio or club environment, making it ideal for beatboxers, singers, and club performers.



The problem with most other loop stations on the market currently is that they are mostly designed for the guitarist in mind, with traditional foot switches or pedals for on-the-floor operation. The Boss RC-505 shakes things up a bit, with some unique new features for 2013.



With 5 stereo simultaneous tracks, each with dedicated volume and FX controls, the RC 505 allows up to 99 phrase sets to be stored or saved, alongside 85 onboard rhythm patterns for full song performance. LED colour feedback on each of the functions works well in low-light environments, whilst the USB and MIDI connectivity allows for easy DAW integration and sequencing. Check out our video filmed live from Musikmesse below!



At first glance, the RC-505 looks like a really simple, user-friendly, multi-channel looper, but underneath it's simple exterior lies a wealth of effects and modulators to completely morph the sound of your loops for some creative results. Reverb, filters, lo-fi crush, compression and tonnes more gives you complete control over your sounds both for live and studio applications.


We're expecting stock to start shipping nationwide by June, and we'll have these available for demonstration in your local PMT Store.


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