Musikmesse 2013: Next Generation Vox MINI3 G2 Combo Amp


The modeling technology that was inherited from the Valvetronix series, compact construction, battery-powered operation, and VOX's sophisticated sense of design have all been combined to make the MINI3 the definitive portable modeling amp - and now it's been dramatically powered-up! Befitting its position as the next-generation amp, it's called the MINI3 G2. It features VOX's original "Bassilator" circuit that delivers an amp sound with powerfully solid lows and a bottom end that will hold up even when you're playing at low volume. The quality of the effects has also been greatly improved. With the incredibly portable MINI3 G2, you'll be well equipped whether you're at home or outdoors.


vox mini



The total of eleven amp models support a variety of styles and playing techniques, ranging from VOX's traditional British sound to the historic sound of classic units, as well as contemporary high-gain units such as the new and powerfully-distorting CALI METAL model, and the sounds of hard-to-find amps. The modeling technology that's been time-tested on amps such as the Valvetronix series can also perfectly reproduce the rich and warm sound that's distinctive to vacuum tubes. The eleven amp types include a pure clean type without distortion, allowing you to connect an acoustic-electric guitar and enjoy the natural resonances and airiness of your instrument. This amp is also ideal for line connections from a keyboard, and can be used not only for guitar but also as a portable PA system.



As its name suggests, the MINI3 G2 is ultra-compact. The MINI3 G2 includes a convenient, detachable shoulder-type carry strap for transporting it with ease. It weighs a mere 3 kg, so you won't get tired of carrying it around. In addition from getting from point A to point B, the MINI3 G2 can be played at any point along the way! Six AA alkaline batteries can provide up to 10 hours of power on-the-go – ideal for outdoor use and street performances. An AC adaptor is included for playing while connected to an outlet.



Important elements in the allure of VOX amps include not only their sound quality but also their distinctive elegant "TV front" design. The MINI3 G2 is available in a choice of three colors: a chic black color, the classic type with the traditional VOX diamond grill cloth, and a vintage-feeling ivory.


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