Musikmesse 2013: Introducing new Yamaha HS series studio monitors


Yamaha are proud to introduce an all-new range of nearfield studio-quality powered monitors. The three new models – HS5, HS7 & HS8 – are augmented by a matching HS8S 150w powered subwoofer and are specifically designed (and priced) for the project home studio market.

The woofer sizes on the 2nd generation range are 5", 6.5" and 8" respectively, meaning you can choose the size which best suits your room size and studio acoustics. The HS monitors all have filter and EQ settings on the rear, giving you additional tools to tailor the most accurate sound for your setup.



The design and looks still closely reflect the industry-standard Yamaha NS-10 monitors, seen and used in mixing studios worldwide. The trademark clear, natural and detailed sound of the 1st series is sure to be continued in the same vein, thanks to advanced low resonance bass-reflex enclosures built around a traditional three-way mitered joint technique, thus eliminating any unwanted resonance or colour from the original signal. We caught up with the guys from Yamaha to see how they've improved the active studio monitors.




As a user of the 1st Generation HS50M monitors, I can't wait to hear these all in action, and should be a firm favourite with the PMT Staff upon their release in June 2013. Give your local PMT Store a call for further details on stock availability and pricing!

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