Musikmesse 2013: Orange Crush Gets Bigger!


Orange crush amps have made sure PMT customers are getting an affordable compact amplifier which is still true to the iconic brand: Basket weave tolex front, classic Orange picture frame edging and of course Orange sound quality. Whilst taking influence from the legendary Rockverb line, it's taken Orange a while to develop these larger models; rest-assured this is to make sure the CR60C, CR120C and CR120H have been executed to the best possible standard...


Years in development Orange have honed the Crush design so their new larger models perform to the same standard. The result of the new crush amps comes in the form of a no-nonsense, two channel analogue amplifier (clean and dirty channels). The clean channel provides a warmth to your guitar sound, which when is cranked up breaks up the tone in a similar fashion of the Rockverb. The dirty channel uses a four-stage gain combined with a three-band eq suitable for a wide range of distortion styles. Whilst being simplistic in design an effects loop opens up oppourtunities to combine the amp with your favourite pedal, with a digital reverb adding ambience (with spring, hall and plate settings).


The new Bigger editions of Orange amplifiers are available in the CR60C (£349), a 60 Watt 1 x 12” speaker combo amp, the CR120C (£479), a 120 Watt 2 x 12” speaker combo amp and the CR120H 120 Watt amp head (£299). We're now off to Frankfurt tomorrow to get the latest news and some exclusive footage of all the new products direct from musikmesse - Visit our dedicated musikmesse section online and subscribe to PMTV to keep updated!

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