The Boyz Best All Valve Amp Deal Ever!


Getting an all-valve amplifier head at the below £150 mark seems like an impossible dream, yet at PMT we like to make rock 'n' roll dreams a reality! For a limited time only, we're bringing you possibly the best ever amp deal you've ever seen,offering the Hayden HGT-A20 for £149! If you were looking at spending £150 on a solid-state amp , before you do, have a read through this blog to see how far you can stretch your money...


Valve VS Solid-state: There's pros an cons for both types of amplifier: modern solid-state amplifiers can emulate a lot of different amplifier types and effects - with the touch of a button you can go from a bluesy-overdrive to a full on metal crunch and generally speaking they're a bit easier on the wallet. Tube or valve amplifiers are known for their warmth of sound – without the DSP processing of solid-state amplifiers the tone produced is deep, rounded and a bit more interesting to the ear. Their solid-state counterpart's emulation of distortion can give a more clinical and harsh sound, however valve amps thrive when pushed to the limit, creating subtle nuances to the sound's layers of harmonics.


The Hayden HGT-A20 is driven by three ECC83 preamp valves and two EL84 power valves. Valve amps often have to be driven hard to deliver their full potential, so Hayden have equipped the amplifier with a Stage and Studio mode – 3 watts of power for home use or a full 20 watts for live use.



The amp has three channels, covering clean, warm tones to american-styled fully saturated lead timbres. Channels can be quickly changed with the included footswitch. The HGT-A20 also has a built in reverb and fx loop with even a record output, simulating a mic'd up 4 x 12 cab. It's compatible with a wide range of cabs via it's 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm outputs.


Technical Specifications:

-20 Watt Amp Head

-3 x ECC83 Valves

-2 x EL84 Valves

-20 watt or 3 watt mode

-Clean channel

-2 Overdrive Channels

-Seperate EQ for clean / overdrive channels

-Volume and gain control for each overdrive channel

-Reverb control

-Effects send with level contol

-2 button footswitch supplied

-Record output with cabinet emulation



The Hayden HGT-A20 is £149 for a limited time only, get this fantastic deal online or in-store today while you can!

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