Recreate the Hendrix Tone: Fuzz Face Mini FFM3


Descending from the first larger, rounded Arbiter pedals in the mid-sixties the Fuzz Face pedal is an original so many have tried to copy. Too often guitar products attempt to replicate classic guitar sounds, yet there tends to be something modernised that should’ve been left well alone. Dunlop under the belief that ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’, have used exactly the same wiring found in Jimi Hendrix’s JHF1 but this time packed into a pedal-board friendly portion at just over 8cm in width.


It’s fair to say Jimi Hendrix was the king of fuzz and his obsession with the distortion is heard throughout his musical career. When we got a chance to have a first look at the Fuzz Face Mini FFM3 we had to have a play on it – Hendrix style. True to Jimi Hendrix, we’ve teamed up the pedal with nothing lesser than a Fender Stratocaster and and MXR Phase 90, adding a sprinkle of psychedelia!

The Dunlop FFM3 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini is £99.00 and available to pre-order here. If you can’t wait to start creating your own Jimi Hendrix tribute, for this month only you can get your hands on a Stratocaster with Fender’s instant rebate scheme and save up to £80 (incidentally almost the same price as an FFM3 itself)…Foxy!


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