2013 The Year Of The Gibson Les Paul


It’s been about 6 months since we’ve launched our brand new website, and after getting everything up and running we’ve realised it’s about time we gave Gibson an over-due shake-down on our blog. It’s a more than exciting time for Gibson lovers out there as after some hot new releases announced at NAMM 2013 are on their way into PMT stores across the UK as we speak...


Gibson have coined 2013 as ‘The Year Of The Les Paul’. After what seems like a somewhat self-indulgent statement many would sum up the Les Paul as their perfect guitar – it’s a PMT favourite. Bearing in mind that 2013 is in fact the year of the Les Paul, we’ll be expecting everyone to keep their beloved 6-string in perfect tuning. Don’t panic though – with the Min-Etune automatic tuning system in their new 2013 models you can stay in tune, note perfect, with your guitar sound uncomprimised…


We don’t know how to stress this enough, but it’s still as much of a classic as it’s ever been, there’s no digital which-craftery involved, and there’s not an iPad where the pick-guard once was. So before you put the Min-Etune at the stake to burn, have a look at the back of the headstock: there’s a small battery powered gizmo that mechanically turns the tuners with the timbre left natural as ever. You can expect the same sustain, feel and tonal quality as before, but this time perfectly in tune. The on-board tuner can also pin-point tunings to match other fellow instrumentalists, can switch between settings for popular tunings and save your own custom tunings.


The classic single cut-away shape has also been propelled into 2013 with the arrival of the Future Tribute, which is possibly the most ergonomically sound Gibson to date. At a first glance you maybe asking where the machine heads are, but take a closer you will see the ultra-smooth Steinberger gearless tuners, controlled from the rear of the headstock. You may have seen the same technology used on the Steinberger headless guitar but Gibson have made this their own leaving the silhouette of the legendary headstock untouched. The Steinberger tuners are easy to access and hold the tuning even more accurately than previous models. Combined with the asymmetrical neck profile and zebra-coil '57 classic humbuckers the Les Paul Future Tribute is both beautiful to the ear and to the touch.



Gibson have not limited their celebrations this year to their premium priced models. Newly released is the LPJ which is a great first Gibson or for those looking for a axe around the £500 mark. A true Les Paul may have seemed just out of reach for the £549 price but the guitar offers everything we know and love about the guitar: The mahogany back with a two-piece carved maple top alongside the Gibson Modern Classic Humbucking pickups gives the tonal richness you'd expect from more expensive models. The LPJs are available in low gloss finishes or for slightly extra you can get your hands on a nitrocellulose finished LPJ gold top, currently only £649!


Each in their own way, all the 2013 Gibson models celebrate this timeless guitar - to see the full range click here. Don't forget to make way for these 2013 models we've significantly reduced the price of many 2012 models including the SG Standard in Ebony which is now only £699! These offers are only while stock lasts so get 'em while you can! Click here for up to 20% off on 2012 Gibson Models.

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