Mackie DL1608 & DLM12 Just In!


Mackie seem to be at the forefront for innovative technology in PA gear as of late. If you were keeping an eye on the latest gear news from NAMM last month you may have seen some of their latest equipment doing the rounds at the show. We've just received stock of the Mackie DL1608 16 channel iPad mixing desk and their new DLM range of active speakers, and so we thought we'd see what all the hype is about...


The consumer music market has been flooded with iOS devices to turn your iPad into a microphone, studio, MIDI controller and more. What NAMM 2013 proved was these gadgets aren't just toys and the home recording products out there are starting to show professional results. A high-quality end-result is just as important in live sound and the Mackie DL1608 16 channel mixing desk boasts iPad control combined with Mackie's sound quality we are all familiar with.

PA nerds out there will be saying 'sure, iPads are preety cool but surely they won't have good enough sound quality for a professional sound system?' As we mentioned, the Mackie desk provides the same sound quality you would expect from any Mackie product. It achieves this by the internal dsp processors and AD converters in the mixing desk handling all the audio processing itself leaving the iPad to do what it does best and work as an intuitive touch screen control.


The iPads control gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to editing the on-board effects via the 'Master Fader' app. If we take the EQ for example you will know traditional mixing desks usually offer a 2-4 band EQ with a fixed bandwidth, however the parametric EQ section on the DL1608 is similar to what you would expect to see in high-end DAW plugins. For each channel the EQ can be made full screen, making accurate adjustments easy to execute with 4 bands with changeable bandwidth and a filter. Effects also include gate, compression, reverb, delay and 31-band eq with a compressor and limiter on the outputs. Ontop of being able to recall presets and record directly to the iPad from a sound engineers point of view one of the most appealing features is that the iPad does not have to be fixed to the mixer like other iOS devices. When sound-checking you can take the iPad around the venue to ensure your mix sounds perfect weather you are at the bar or in the middle of the mosh-pit. The DL1608 is in stock now, currently £1034


Also new for Mackie PA gear is the DLM12 active speaker. Weighing in at only 14.1kg, having a built in mixer and with a thundering 2000 Watts of power it really does tick every box for venues and mobile users alike. The ingenious 'Trusource' tweeter and woofer arrangement saves vital space and produces a more than accurate sound reproduction as the high and low frequencies are projected from one area of the speaker unlike conventional two way cabinets. The built-in mixer's DSP does a lot more than any standard mixer too and includes a feedback surpressor, reverb and delay effects and even a speaker management system when using multiple speakers or in larger venues when alignment delay is needed. The DLM12 is £795 and is in stock now. For any more questions, just ask Vladimir.....

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