Wharfedale Kinetic Active Speakers Exclusive To PMT


Wharfedale's Kinetic passive range was a popular series of speakers recognised by PMT customers and staff alike as the go-to speaker for a combination of power, affordability and portability.

Active PA speakers: In a nut-shell...

More and more bands, venues and DJs are turning to active PA systems for a variety of reasons. With no need for an amplifier, users simply plug their mixing desk or sound source into the PA speaker cutting out the need for rack space and cutting down cabling. Many active speakers also have the capability to process audio; active PA subwoofers more often than not have a built in crossover eliminating the need for more rack equipment, as it can split the frequencies to send to the satellite speaker. Built-in limiters provide vital protection for speakers with some active speakers having fully-fledged mixer controls ideal for presentations or solo artists who need a portable solution with even less gear to take out. Even with these features, speakers such as the Wharfedale Kinetic Active range are still as light as some of its passive competitors. Let's have a closer look at the Kinetic active range and why you maybe leaving the racks of equipment at home...

Wharfedale Kinetic 12A: £235 Each /  £459 Pair

The Wharfedale Kinetic 12A speaker spans a wide frequency response of 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz even whilst having only a 12” woofer the speaker kicks out 290 watts RMS of power (480 watts peak). The combination of being more compact whilst still handling bass frequencies makes it ideal for small to medium sized venues, bands and mobile DJs who needs a PA system to deliver a clear sound which will fit in the boot of their car.

Wharfedale Kinetic 15A: £305 Each / £459 Pair

The larger 15” woofer model has the same 290 watts RMS of power but with an extended bass response to the lower register of 50Hz, ideal for those who want detailed bass in a two speaker system without a separate subwoofer. Similarly to the 12" model the speaker is still lightweight at 18.7kg with its carpet covered outer and steel grille making it durable for on the road life.

With an 18” woofer, the Kinetic sub is capable of the more demanding bass-heavy styles of music and when combined with the Kinetic satellite speakers can handle larger venues too. Depending on the sound quality you need, the crossover frequency can be adjusted from 80 – 200 Hz delivering powerfully deep sound for bands and DJs alike.

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