NAMM 2013: Ashdown present Dr. Green boutique guitar FX


Based a stones throw away from PMT Southend, Dr Green has built up a reputation as a quality UK based amplifier manufacturer. After being in the business for 20 years, he's now teamed up with bass amp favorites Ashdown. Whilst collaborating alongside a huge music manufacturer, the same ethos of quality hand-finished products applies and has resulted in the birth of 5 new outstanding bass pedals.


Every single Dr. Green pedal has been manufactured by hand using the best quality parts including old-school chip holders for tweakers out there – making unlimited options for guitar tone. Each pedal is housed in a steel chassis, has bypass controls and comes with a 5 year warranty...


Doctor's Note: Can I get an Aahhh Yeaaa?! This envelope filter sounds as cool and sexy as the purple finish it's covered in. Crank up the envelope sensitivity and deliver the funk!


Bearded Lady: Balance your fuzz distortion with individual low and high controls.


Bass Verb: Dr Green's philosophy of keeping it simple yet effective is encapsulated in this pedal. Go from room to cathedral in a second, all you have to do is turn it up!


The Aspirin: This compression pedal from Dr. Green has adjustable ratio which can be manipulated for more subtle volume control or to add a real punch to your bass tone.


Octa-Dose: Ashdown's ABM range utilises sub-harmonic technology to enhance the low end of your bass sound. Dr. Green has developed this further with controls to boost your bass to the next level.


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