PMTV NAMM Report: Exclusive Roland Demo Videos


We're going to keep this short and sweet, as I'm sure you've already read our previous Roland blogs with some of their hottest announcements at this year's NAMM 2013. To keep you to date with the latest goings on from the comfort of your own home, we're out in LA reporting on all the latest music gear at one of the largest music trade fairs...


The Roland V-Combo VR-09 is split into clearly defined sections with easy to access piano, organ, synth and drum sections. It's ithe perfect performance keyboard as everything you need is right there at your finger tips. Ed Diaz, Roland expert takes us through it's full potential:



The Roland BT-1 is a unique drum trigger that will fit seamlessly into your existing acoustic or electronic drum setup. The trigger's curved shape means it can fit neatly round your drums without having to disturb your positioning whilst still being easy to reach. Use it to create an acoustic / electronic hybrid kit or expand your exisitng v-drums setup!


We're filming more exclusive videos as we speak! To keep up to date subscribe to PMTV here.


2 Comments on “PMTV NAMM Report: Exclusive Roland Demo Videos”

  • Terry hope
    26th January 2013

    Great work guys!

  • Shane
    23rd October 2015

    Wow thank you so much for your tutorials! They have heepld me tremendously One question When I'm synching vocals, I can sometimes hear where the crossfade comes in. It's like an unpleasant bump in the track. Is there any way to fix that? Sorry I am incredibly new with this DAW.. used to use ACID but that's NOTHING compared to Reaper! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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