Harmonica Day At PMT Birmingham!


Oskar's signature harmonica solos helped to define the War sound from the band's beginning in 1969, adding dashes of color to their R&B, Jazz, Rock and Latin influences. Oskar's position with War was a prominent one from their early days with singer Eric Burdon onwards. Audiences have marveled at his improvisational wizardry, not to mention his animated stage presence.





War's hit 'Low Rider' features one of the catchiest harmonica riffs to date; the track has been used on many films and made it to number 1 on the Billboard R & B charts in the late '70s:







Between recording and performing Lee Oskar is a busy man, running his own harmonica company. The Lee Oskar Harmonica was introduced in 1983 and this venture has consumed much of Oskar's time for the last decade. Today, his firm offers harmonicas in a variety of tunings at the highest quality.


On behalf of Lee Oskar Harmonicas and PMT, Steve Lockwood will be running a harmonica workshop from our Birmingham store from 10am-4pm.  Steve Lockwood is a session musician, producer, and soloist who has played with acts from Larry Adler to Screaming Lord Sutch. He has also featured on  albums with both the Royal Philharmonic and Prague Philharmonic Orchestras. For all the latest harmonica tips and for selecting the right harmonica for you, look no further!



Come down to PMT Birmingham on the 9th of February to for a day of celebrating  the harmonica! Don't forget we have a full range of harmonicas available online and at all our stores across the UK.


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