NAMM 2013: Roland Connect


We’ve already covered a few of Roland’s recently launched products which are new for Namm 2013, including their brand new range of stompboxes and new audio interfaces, but there’s still many more goodies just announced, (they’ve even released a google play and iPhone app so you can keep up with the latest news!)

With lots of new gear to look at, let’s get down to business and check out their brand new live performance keyboard, The V-Combo VR-09:


Compact and complete with Roland's top of the range sounds, the V-Combo VR-09 is a do-all keyboard with piano, organ and synth sound engines ideal for professional live musicians. Tweaking sounds can be made spontaneously and accurately while in the middle of your performance as Roland have focused on easy access controls. These come in the form of nine sliders, which can be used for adjusting the timbre of organ patches and plenty of knobs to adjust patch parameters and effects. Roland have also added a drum section and looper section with plenty of built-in presets ideal for rehearsal and accompaniment too. The V-Combo VR-09 also has a free editor app available for iPad, which provides further control via the touch-screen interface.

The VR-09 boasts Roland’s 88 key stereo multi-sampling sounds, which are on par with their professional stage pianos. Weather it is a vintage phaser to add a rich tone to your e.piano or a rotary speaker simulator for your organ, the V-Combo has all the effects needed for all playing styles too.


Also new in the keyboard department is the RD-64 digital piano. It’s a common request for PMT keyboard customers to want a realistic piano feel, yet most stage pianos and workstation keyboards tend to only have that grand-piano touch in form of their 88-key bigger-brothers...


The RD-64’s Ivory Feel-G action encapsulates the playability keyboard players want, yet with Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine, eq and multi-effects, sound is not compromised and even more importantly it can still fit in the boot of your car.

The RD-64 also doubles up as a MIDI controller, so you can enjoy the benefits of a beautifully playing keyboard whilst fitting it around any compact home studio.



Continuing on the theme of compact sized gear which still packs a punch; the Cube Lite guitar amplifier condenses all the guitar tones you’d want, iOS compatability and a 2.1 speaker system into a stylish amp small enough to fit on the coffee table:





What’s refreshing to us about the box of tricks is that the interface beween the iOS device and amp is not just a standard ‘aux in’ – the free Cube Jam app lets you play along and record the COSM amp tones with no need for a record out to a separate device. The Cube Lite is available in white, black or red, depending on the colour of your coffee table of course. There's also a Cube Lite Monitor version designed for more general use, perfect for instrumentalits, vocalists, keyboard players and self-confessed karaoke enthusiasts.


As much as we love electronic drums at PMT, most of our drum experts will probably tell you that they can’t quite let go of their acoustic setups. So what do you do? Wedge a sampler between the hi-hat somewhere, or above the toms maybe?


With the Roland BT-1 you can now integrate drum triggers into existing acoustic setups. The curved compact shape of the trigger leaves your drum positioning undisturbed and can be used along side a V-drums module or SPS-series percussion pad to launch sounds or even control effects, loops, settings and more. It’s also a great way of expanding your existing electronic drum setup too.

Keep up to date with all newly announced NAMM products and reserve the first stock to hit the UK here.


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