NAMM 2013: Fender Ritchie Blackmore Tribute Strat & Competiton Series Pedals


Fender have finally paid homage to one of the most legendary guitarists and quite possibly the most infamous guitar riff ever written: The Ritchie Blackmore Tribute Stratocaster.





You can now re-create Deep Purple’s 1972 classic ‘Smoke On The Water’ on this custom-shop guitar which has been based on the specification of Richie’s own 1968 model. The guitar is crafted from a two-piece alder body, coated in a slick black light relic finish with custom ’68 stratocaster pickups hand-wound by Fender legend Abigail Ybarra.




Other signature features include a vintage-style synchronised tremolo equipped with Blackmore’s distinctive 1/4” tremolo arm ‘U’ shaped maple neck. The legendary guitar is supplied with a custom flightcase and certificate of authenticity too.



Keeping quality at it's highest, the additional Select line of guitars boasts Fenders most beautifully finished guitars to date - a particular favorite being the Fender Select Telecaster HH in Bird's Eye Maple / Natural. Check out the official Fender video below!



This year's NAMM also awaits the release of the Competition series pedals from Fender. Included in the range is a Distortion pedal, Drive pedal, Chorus pedal and a Delay pedal. The four pedals cover essential effects for any guitar players’ pedal board.

The fender distortion pedal creates a harmonically rich timbre ideal for recreating sounds reminiscent of hard-rock genres of the 1970s and 80s. With control over tone, gain and output the pedal works for both heavily distorted chord-thrashing and as a gain-boost for higher-register solos. The Drive pedal is slightly more low-key providing adding a 60s and 70s, vintage style warmth to the sound of your guitar.

The Chorus effect has a stereo output ideal for expanding your guitar sound spatially and adds another dimension to your guitar playing when used on clean signals or with distortion. The delay pedal has control over repetition amount, delay length and a wet/dry control making it versatile; guitarists can add a quite subtle echo effect adding a sparkle to the finished guitar tone or alternatively create lengthy dub echos and never-ending solos. Again, the delay pedal has a stereo output to add another dimension to the panning of your guitar.



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