NAMM 2013: Cleverly Matched Tone With New Boss Pedals


The Boss stompbox range has been bringing compact, affordable effects to guitarists pedal boards everywhere. Announced just in time for Namm 2013 are 3 new additions to the range. Their latest three editions explore technology that adapts to your style of guitar playing and guitar tone, which no doubt will be a massive hit.


The Terra Echo 2 (TE-2) is perfect for guitarists who want to explore delay and echo effects in a more creative form. The level of echo reacts with the volume of your guitar playing which works particularly well with solo, virtuoso style playing. While doing so, you can control a freeze / stutter on the delay too.



Secondly is the Boss Multi-Overtone (MO-2). This particular pedal utilises Boss' Multi-Dimensional Processing Technology (also known as MDP). Rather than taking the overall input signal of the guitar, the MDP technology applies variations of the effect depending on volume and frequency to turn more simple tones (clean or distorted) to a much fuller sound, by adjusting the resonance, tuning and more.



Finally, it wouln't be fair to add 3 new pedals without there being a distortion. The Adaptive Distortion (DA-2) again utilises the MDP technology to provide a suitable distortion adapting the effect whether you are playing rhythm style, lower register chords to high soaring lead melodies.



We'll be getting some exclusive video footage of the new pedals from Namm 2013 towards the end of this week!

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