Focusrite's Red Hot Scarlett Studio Bundle!


Focusrite's audio interfaces have been a PMT customer favourite, delivering award-winning sound quality for home studio setups and professional studios alike. With the rising demand for musicians needing an out-of-the-box studio setup, Focusrite have bundled their popular Scarlett 2i2 interface with a CM25 Condenser microphone and HP60 reference headphones, also known as the Scarlett Studio.


The interface features two combi jack / xlr inputs where you can plug in a guitar direct, or connect the supplied condenser microphone and once connected the interface can record in 24-bit/96kHz audio quality. It's housed in a lightweight Scarlett Red Aluminium casing which not only looks the part but is USB powered making it useful when out-and-about recording. The LED rings around the gain controls show clearly if your input level is clipping; an essential tool when getting a good recording level too.



The CM25 microphone is a large-diaphragm condenser, with a wide frequency response making it a versatile microphone, ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments too. The HP60s have been designed with both performers and producers in mind. The closed-cup headphones reduce leakage which can be a common problem when recording, whilst again having a wide, flat frequency response for pinpointing and editing frequencies when mixing down your track.

As well as all the hardware included, Focusrite have teamed up with Steinberg including Cubase 6 LE for recording and mixing your tracks via Mac or PC. On top of Cubase, the Focusrite effects plugin suite is also bundled in with the interface, headphones and mic. The Scarlett plugin suite includes a Gate, Reverb, Compressor and EQ ideal for that professional touch to your productions.


The bundle comes in at just £199.99 and will be available in store and online shortly. Order yours here now!

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