Yamaha Announce New MX Range!


Engineered for the modern producer and performer the brand new MX49 and MX61 take influence from the MOTIF synth engine with seamless cubase intergration.





Designed for the modern musician, MX ticks all the boxes and brings the acclaimed MOTIF sound to an affordable, portable and powerful synth. Packed with inspiring sounds and creative features MX is perfect for the stage yet equally at home in the studio or in the class room. Aswell as being a poweful synth and controller, you can stream MIDI directly from a USB stick, music from an iPod, or audio from your connected DAW via the built-in USB interface - jamming along at home or playing to backing tracks on stage has never been easier.


Let's have a look at the tech specs:



166MB of internal Wave ROM

• More than 1000 Voices taken directly from MOTIF

• USB Audio/MIDI interface built in

• VCM Effects

• Auxiliary input and WAV/MIDI file playback

• One touch Layer and Split function

• 128 note Polyphony / 16 part multitimbral

• 999 arpeggio patterns

• Advanced synth editor

• Remote Mode for DAW control

• Bundled with Cubase AI, YC-3B organ emulator,

Steinberg Prologue analog synth

• Lightweight design



The MX Range is set to be released in December, prices and more information will be announced on the blog soon!

One Comment on “Yamaha Announce New MX Range!”

  • Mental
    29th January 2013

    OH MY GOD! After pimping the Motif XS to the Motif XF I really hoped that YAMAHA will launch the major new flagship keyboard. ANd what happened? Instead of this YAMAHA downgrades their flagship into MOX6/8 and finaly downgrades the MOX6/8 to MX46/61. DAM!
    OK this keyboard has about 1000 main sounds from their Motif XS, NO vocoder capability, and slimmed down arpegiator capabilities.
    AND the "GREAT" thing is that it can remote control your DAW. Big deal. Every MID keyborad can remote control your daw. And with few knobs and cheap look I really am disappointed. But ok,..lets say we are musicians and the sounds matter for us and not the looks. Lets be honest. The sounds are now on the market for over 2 decades with minor motif upgrades trough xf/xs. This sucks big time. The sounds are so 90's and the look is so 80's!!! Did you hear this "boosting explosive party-like dubstep" background to this video? Come on yamaha. Even rookie hose music production beginners make more juicer sound than this! Now really? Sounds like a grandpa tried to simulate dubstep to be able to sell this low-cost board to kiddy's. So amateur-like. I am a YAMAHA fan, but with this non inovative old school sounding strategy; I really have to look to their neighbors at KORG and ROLAND.

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