What Dreams Are Made Of... Save Up To £325 with Line 6!



Line 6 Price Drop

The combination of a James Tyler Variax guitar, DT-series amp, and POD HD500 or HD Pro multi-effect is one of the best-sounding, most advanced guitar system in the world, also known as 'The Dream Rig'.


The integrated Line 6 Dream Rig provides limitless sonic options with the press of a single foot-switch, you can change your instrument type, tuning, amp tone, effect chain and more, instantly transforming this powerful system into virtually any rig. The result of a creative collaboration between industry luminaries James Tyler, Reinhold Bogner and Marcus Ryle, the Line 6 Dream Rig combines the most flexible instrument and amp with the world’s most recognized guitar processing. Individually, each part of the Dream Rig is a powerful creative tool and a great way to save. When combined, the possibilities and savings dramatically increase.


From 8. October 31. December 2012, customers who buy the dream rig can save up to £325.


Customers who purchase a Line 6 JTV guitar will receive a £125 instant rebate and when buying a Line 6 DT amplifier customers can receive a £100 rebate too. When purchasing a Guitar, amp and a Pod HD500 or HD Pro, PMT customers can get an EXTRA £100 back by registering their products with Line 6 resulting in a total saving of £325! For full terms and conditions visit the official line 6 website.




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