Peavey and Antares join forces to create the AT-200 Auto-Tune Guitar


Antares Auto-Tune software has been one of the most ground-breaking technologies to have an impact on the way we make music today. If you haven't heard of auto-tune not only have you probably had your head stuck in the ground for the last few years, you will have been blissfully unaware that 90% of the records you enjoy listening to will have used it in some way, shape or form.


It's not just the top production rooms around the world that have access to the technology. Antares have diversified their product range to music-makers from all backgrounds – Antares deliver affordability to the bedroom artist whilst being intuitive and simple for beginners; Auto-Tune EFX 2's auto-motion vocal pattern generation keeps your vocals in tune whilst adding subtle nuances to the pitch providing a natrual end-product. At the same time, their software advances in Auto-Tune 7 even include throat-length controls enabling control not just over the pitch but over the timbre of each take in the studio.


Peavey's motto 'Innovation Amplified' is a spot-on slogan of what they have been doing for the last 45 odd years and were one of the first guitar manufacturers to jump onto accessories for iPhones and iPads. Their Ampkit offers a pretty much zero latency amp modelling system which enables the user to tailor, amps, cabs, mic positioning and everything in-between and is currently only £25. Peavey apply their ethos of innovation to all their products, inconceivably light weight power amps in their IPR range with a 5 year warranty on everything being a prime example.


So, what happens when these two pioneers join forces to create the AT-200? For all the purists out there do not panic, there's a bit more to it than a simple Cher 'Believe' mode.

We all know a slightly out of tune guitar is a strain on the ears and can ruin the overall tone of the best sounding guitars however with a click of a button and a quick strum of all the strings each, the guitar is brought quickly into tune. Don't just take my word for it, have a look at the official Peavey video and witness a guitar being tuned in about 5 seconds for yourself.



Where this feature really comes into it's own is the ability to flit between different tunings at the drop of the hat. Drop D, baritone and any tuning setting can quickly be achieved by using a particular chord fingering and simply pressing the tune reset button. Peavey breakdown all the different fingering for most popular tuning settings in the user manual.



As mentioned earlier, the guitar is not locked on an unnatural sounding artificial tone, which was a pleasant surprise for us - it can intelligently pick out when you are bending the pitch and your unique guitar playing style won't be touched. The guitar has a MIDI output too which offers the exciting potential for integration with iOS devices and possibly any MIDI compatible software. What's even more exciting will be seeing how artists utilise the technology – if you fancy changing the tuning four or five times during a track, it's now possible.

Antares will be releasing more information on their website on further manufacturer collaborations and software developments. The AT-200 is set to be £499 and you can order yours here. Set to be a guitar-game-changer, we'll be keeping you in the loop about this ground-breaking technology along the way.


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